About Us

We not only bring you products from all over the world but at our in-house training centre at Bombay, we bring you up to date on the latest trends and techniques in hair coloring, bleaching, streaking, straightening, perming and much much more.

Thru our country wide network of stockists and wholesalers, our products are delivered to your doorstep. Our trained promoters visit saloons and can also be seen at some of the biggest beauty saloon supply stores around the country promoting our entire product range.

Jugdeep Merchant our Chairman & Managing Director who with a Bachelors degree in Commerce & Economics, a diploma in Computers and Data Management and years of experience in marketing foreign as well as Indian brands, has enabled us to take many popular brands to the doorstep of saloons and hair dressers all over India.

With his years of corporate experience, and ofcourse his hands-on experience in formulating superior hair care products we have delivered a wide range of successful product categories and brands to the Indian market. In fact his work has also resulted in 2 successful patents relating to packaging design and add on’s. Jugdeep has followed the evolution of the Hair Care industry and the FMCG products thru the 80’s to what it is today, and has helped the company adapt to the constantly changing market conditions, both in terms of product mix as well as distribution related innovations.

Armaity Merchant heads the technical training section and with over two decades of experience as one of south Bombay’s most popular hair dresser and stylist, Armaity completes the often required techinical support systems and training programs for our staff as well as saloon owners. Armaity herself has undergone training courses in Italy and Japan and has the unique distinction of doing a show on bridal makeup at Tokyo which was aired on the NHDK Japanese channel, she keeps herself abreast of the latest trends and techniques and is an expert at hair cuts, perms, coloring, straightening, makeup etc.

With access to manufacturing units in Italy and India, we are able to introduce a broad spectrum of quality products to the saloons in India and we also offer products to other companies in their private labels.