Formulated to accentuate the application of the coloring cream, gel or bleaching powders Jaroxon offers particular advantages such as strengthening the penetration of the colors into the hair shaft, complete coverage of grey hair and it enhances the intensity of the reflexes, contrast, brilliance and shine of the color.

Its initial volume and color remains unaltered even after a long periods of time, having been stabilised and formulated with high quality ingredients. Volumes 9, 20 and 30 are used as a normal oxidants in every coloring treatment.

Whereas, the specially formulated 40 Vol does a brilliant job when used with Jaron bleaching powders and / or our NuColor Super Lightener (series 11, 12 and 13 ), and is ideal for high lights, streaks or complete bleaching and prevents yellow tones, as it has been specially formulated to be used in combination with the beige, ash and all the cold shades.